Parent Visa: What You Should Know


The parent visa is designed as part of the family migration scheme for eligible individuals and it is officially identified as the Subclass 103 visa. The visa allows parents or even step-parents of a child who is an Australian citizen or a settled permanent resident to migrate into the country. New Zealand citizens who are deemed eligible can also sponsor their parents to join them.

The visa will allow you to reside in Australia permanently and there are additional entitlements if granted. As a successful applicant, you can study as well as work in the country and you will be able to access subsidised healthcare. Moreover, you can act as a sponsor for other eligible family members and obtain social security after a specified waiting period.


Your child is an appropriate sponsor for your parent visa application. However, there are alternatives if your child does not qualify. Your child's partner or a family member of the said partner can act as eligible sponsors. The child's Australian family members or guardian or even a community organisation can take the role. It is also imperative for you to pass the balance of family test by demonstrating that no less than half your children are permanent residents. You can also exhibit that most of your children live in Australia compared to other regions of the world.

Health and Character

A comprehensive health check-up is crucial for you as well as accompanying family members such as a spouse prior to visa application acceptance. There are also character requirements that will be assessed by the immigration officials and the examination will also apply to dependants including minors who are above the age of sixteen. It is also imperative for you to pay any outstanding debts owed to the Australian government. However, it is possible to organise a repayment scheme if you are in a financial quandary. There are some circumstances that may bar your application from being viable if you are currently within Australia. For instance, you are restricted from applying for a parent visa you are being held by the immigration department or you have a current sponsored visitor visa.


As a successful applicant of the parent visa, you will be required to live in accordance with the Australian laws and you will also be subject to the national standards of living. In addition, your sponsor will be required to provide financial and moral support and accommodation for your immediate two years in Australia.

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30 March 2015

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